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Pyramid Security Consultants prides itself with being the one and only resource that you'll need for all things security related. With over 40 years combined security, law enforcement, and military experience, we have the knowledge, training, and expertise to assist with whatever your security needs may be. We have been called upon to train and protect at-risk companies and agencies in both the public and private sector. From banks to local schools, from retail corporations to Real-estate development companies, we have consistently minimized client vulnerabilities to threats and risks, protecting both their personnel and property.

What Does A Security Consultant Do?

As it stands, your firm may not have the in-house experience, time, or resources to prevent, discover and respond to rising cyber-security threats. However, if you are not building a solid defensive security strategy, it can produce long-term negative effects. Security consulting services can be the solution to the limitation of resources and time, providing the best value and information to handle the latest cyber attacks, security threats, and vulnerabilities. By leveraging a company like ours that has 40 years experience in military, law enforcement, and security services, you can potentially limit your risk of exposure to liability, while also ensuring that you use what you need and discard what you don't. With our pre-screened partners, we have both the experience and the ability to help tailor make a program just for you and your needs.

Our Services

With the help of our strategic partners we are able to advise and implement the following services: Security Consulting Cyber Security Executive Protection Workplace Violence Prevention Training Camera Installation Alarm Installation Physical Security Company Placement (pre-screened) Threat and Risk Assessment Self Defense Training Security Threat Assessment Site Survey Analysis Employee Training (Self Defense, Verbal Deescalation Tactics, Active Shooter Prevention) Industry Specific Training (Specialized custom build training by request; email for details) More!

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